Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A little Bragging!!

As you all know Hannah is in soccer this year. The first reason we put her in was to toughen her up... As she started playing she started to really enjoy it. She enjoyed meeting new friends and the change practice made in her weeks. At first she was scared of the ball and wouldn't go towards it during the games. She would find herself running along the side of it. As time went on she got a little more agressive. This last Thursday at practice she ask "Mom, if I do really good at practice when we get home can I have some Dippin Dots?" Sure!!!
She kicked butty!! She did such an awesome job at practice... I thought to myself... "If only she would take that energy to the game each Saturday"... WELLLL!! This last Saturday Hannah played the game as if it was hers. Not only did she run towards the ball and take it away from all the girls she scored her very first goal... Yeahhhh Hannah!!! Not only was she excited but I was jumping up and down with excitement!!! We are so so very proud of her....


Hollie said...

Go Hannah! That is awesome!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!