Sunday, March 15, 2009

Woe is Me!

I try not to use this blog to pull a "Woe is Me" moment, but I can't help it today.. Maybe it's the weather that is keeping me in a slump. My husband and I have decided to try and have more childern. These past couple of months I have had such a need to be a mother to more kids. I have always had a great love for children, but was not able to have more.. That's why Hannah is a very special little girl and I cherish her. We received the good news that we can try, but have been unsuccesful.. I know they say when you try it doesn't happen, but why me.. Did I do something wrong?? Am I being punished??
I had a conversation with a very smart and wise women that reminded me that God doesn't punish. He loves and will bless you with children on his own time. I need to put this all in the Lords hands. Honestly it's very hard. I have always figured ways to make things work. I need to trust in the Lord and know he is watching over me every moment and loves me for who I am and will continue to bless me whether it's with more children or not. I am extremly greatful for my life and my family. I would love to add more little ones and hope one day we can, but for now I am enjoying every moment that I have with Hannah and Jeff.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Uh Oh!! Not Another Photo Shoot!!

Poor Hannah.. Yeah right!! I love taking pictures everywhere I go.. A couple weeks ago I took Hannah to the park at snaped some photos. You can tell Hannah hated every min. of it..

A Little Late!

I have been so busy I forgot to post pictures of Hannah's 8th birthday... I'm a little late, her birthday was Feb. 14th... Oh well! Here are some pictures of her limo ride.

Ladies having fun out on the town...

Beautiful Weekend After All

It was such a beatuiful weekend we decided to pack up and head to the Santa Ana Zoo. Sounds nice, just keep reading.

As we arrived at the zoo we noticed it was the zoo's 65th anniversary. There was not a place to park. We circled the parking lot waiting for a car to leave, but it seemed there were more cars coming then going. Jeff and I looked at eachother and said.... "Let's just head to the beach and hang out down there"... PERFECT!! Yea right!! As we arrive at the beach I think everyone else had the same idea... Jeff tried to turn down a street with houses, but it only made us drive in a circle.. as we were pulling back onto the main street there was a girl walking towards us in the crosswalk and Jeff decided to just go.. I said "Man that's a big fat ticket" He said "No cop, no ticket" Yeah!! As we both look in the mirror guess what was behind us!! Boy can you say I told you so!! Hahaha!! Looks like he just got a trip to traffic school..

We finally parked at the peir and walked around, ate lunch and just hung out... the day turned out pretty good after all..