Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Late Halloween!!

Jonas Brothers here we come... Again

I just found out that the Jonas Brothers will be having another concert. This time it's in Vegas. I thought I would suprise Hannah and her little school friend and take them on a little road trip to Vegas.

It's going to work out perfectly. Her friend is camping out by Baker for the weekend (1 hour from Vegas) ... Sooooooo, Hannah and I will wake up early and drive to Baker where they will both be suprised to see eachother.. I bought them both matching Jonas Brothers t-shirts. I will have them open them up and that is when they will both find out that they are going to the concert. After the concert we will all venture home for probably the worlds best nights rest...


Sorry I haven't been on here to give you an update. Jeff had his surgery on the 27th of October and is doing great. Better then we both thought). He has his first doctors appointment on Wednessday of next week. (2 week appointment). Then it's only 2 more weeks after that.... I pray that everything works out the way I have been praying for.

Please keep us in your prayers.