Monday, October 22, 2007

Not Spoiled!!! ~ Just Loved

OK ~ So some people would say I'm spoiled. I go through cars like I go through shoes.... There is just something about a new car that I love... When I got married 3 years ago I bought a 4 door PT Cruiser.. I had that car for 2 years and decided I wanted a convertable... So I purchased a convertable PT crusier. I had that car for a year and a couple months then decided I wanted a bigger car... So I purchased the car you see in the above...
I like to think I spoil myself... I work hard for everything that I have therefore I spoil myself to feel like I am rewarded... Yes my husband helps out a lot but I like to feel I'm doing it on my own.. hehehe!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


OK.. Everyone is telling me that I'm crazy.. As of right now I am 100% complete with my Christmas shopping.. Yeahooo!! I have already started to plan for Hannah's birthday which is in February... I figured since she didn't get much of a birthday party last year I will make up for it this year.. I think with all the extra thought and all the time I have it might be a little overboard... I have a tea party theme going.. I rented a limo for her actual birthday which is on a Friday (and just so happens to land on Valentines day), I am waiting for a price quote from a carriage place that has Cinderella's carriage.... O well. They are only 7 once. I just have to think of something better each year.. Yipes!! What have I gotten myslef into.. O well.. Make sure you check back in February to see pictures of the BIG Party..

The L.A. Fair


We went to the L.A. fair and told eachother... "Lets not buy anything, lets just eat a
lot of food" So we did... I think I gained 10 lbs. that day.. A list of what we ate.......

Hot dog with every thing you can imagine on it
Chili Fries
Turkey Leg
BBQ Corn
Dippin Dots
Cotton Candy

We did other things too.. Don't think we just went to eat food... Hannah played in the snow, road a horse, climbed a wall... All kinds of stuff. We had a lot of fun..

I told you... I gained 10lbs!!