Monday, July 23, 2007

The Weather!!!

What is up with the weather in California.... Isn't it suppose to be summer!! I woke up this morning to rain and dark clouds.... It did make Hannah wake up quickly this morning... She loves the rain. When I walked into her room I said "time to get up, and hurry, it's raining out side" her head popped up so quick to look out her window.. (keep in mind she gets up every morning at 6 to be at school by 6:30am) ~

Where is the sun??????

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Proud Aunt!!

I am a very proud Aunt. My brother and sister-in-law have 2 of the most cutest little boys in the whole world The olderst is 4 and the youngest is 2.... They are both so full of energy and they are both my little love bugs.....
As of last week there is a new addition to their family. A little girl.. She is so beautiful and such a good baby. I haven't seen her in person yet, but I do have A LOT of pictures and we do have a trip to go and visit them very soon.... I can't wait to see them!!! ~ I will post pictures from our trip....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We purchased a boat 3 years ago and to this day still love it. This has been one on the best purchases we have ever made. It makes for such a fun summer... If anyone is up to meeting up at the lake/river let me know and we are so there..... We love to go to Silverwood lake on the weekends for a quick trip.... For a fun family get away we drive out to Laughlin. We have so many memories on this boat and each trip is a BLAST!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Camping/Boating Trip

Camping/Boating Trip!!
A couple weeks ago we went on the BEST summer camping/boating trip.
We went with my NEW BFF ~ and her family (My BFF family) hehe!! We had tons of fun. It was an awesome way to start off this summer!!! ~ Luv you Staple bunch!! and we look forward to more fun vacations and memories..

The Weekend

This weekend!!

Hannah, her little BFF, myself and her BFF's mother (my BFF) hahaha!! went to go see Susical the Musical...

That was TONS of fun. We had dinner by candle light (not the best food). We had the best seats (our own private room). The girls loved it... I totally recommed going!!! Hannah loved the fact that she was able to get so dressed up. She felt like a princess and not to mention she looked like one too!!

My Family

My Family!!!

What would I do without them. My husband has been the best thing that as come into my life. (other then Hannah of course). He has a very kind heart and loves his family.
My husband has helped me find myself. He has helped me to be a strong person and have a mind of my own. For that and many other things I love him with all me heart. He has completed not only me but my family.
As for Hannah ~ What can I say. How can you not fall in love with Hannah. This kid, let me tell you, she is such a goof ball. She is the icing on the cake. I love this kid and she will have my heart forever and ever... This little girl is my life.

My life has been so blessed. I couldn't have asked for a better family...