Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We purchased a boat 3 years ago and to this day still love it. This has been one on the best purchases we have ever made. It makes for such a fun summer... If anyone is up to meeting up at the lake/river let me know and we are so there..... We love to go to Silverwood lake on the weekends for a quick trip.... For a fun family get away we drive out to Laughlin. We have so many memories on this boat and each trip is a BLAST!!!!


kellie said...

Hey Julie, Hollie told me to check out your blog. You have a very cute family. I think I had Lucy around the same time you had Hannah. I remember something like that at Lindsay's wedding.

I have a blog too. You can link to it from Hollie's blog.

Grandma sent us the pictures you sent her. They were very cute. She talks about you all the time. She is a good Grandma.

Oh and nice boat! That looks like fun.

K-Dot said...

Hey Julie!
We just bought our boat last week, so last weekend we took it to Puddingstone (because it is accross the street from our house) and to Perris. We have 2 Laughlin trips planned though. August 17-19, and one in September (I can't remember the dates). I am hoping to get out a few more times this summer...

Hollie said...


You should check out Kellie's blog. She saw Randy and Craig over the weekend, and has a few pictures up.