Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Love the Jonas Brothers

Hannah and I went to see the Jonas Brothers on July 14th... I purchased the nose bleed tickets. Our tickets where so high up I couldn't focuse my camera. I was a little bummed, but Hannah was just excited to be there. After the first person opened, one of the workers at the Honda center walked all the way up to us (keep in mind, we were all the way at the top.. very last row against the wall) and asked if we wanted to trade our tickets for the tickets on the floor.. WHAT!! of course.. I paid 25 bucks a ticket and ended up with the 200 dollar tickets.. They wanted to fill in the space cause they were filming the Jonas Borther's concert 3D. As we were sitting there I noticed a girl walking in and sitting about 10 rows in front of us.. WHAT!! It was Taylor Swift. Wow, our night turned around. We had the best time!!


The Oakes Family Zoo said...

Wow you cant beat that..sounds like you had an amazing time with your daughter..I cant wait until Riley can go to concerts with me.
take care

kellie said...

That is so awesome! My Isabel would have absolutely died because she LOVES the Jonas Brothers, LOVES Taylor Swift and is DYING to be on TV. Will that be in theaters? We will totally go and look for you.

That is a great story!

Bridget said...

How fun! Your such a fun mommy!!