Monday, September 15, 2008

The Most Exciting News!!

About 7 years ago I found out I had cervical cancer.. After years and years of battleing it my doctor advised my husband and I not to have children at that time. Jeff and I put a lot of thought into the situation and thought the best thing is to get him fix. Well, I have been cancer free for a year now. I spoke to my doctor about having kids and he said if we are to have anymore childern, now would be the best time. He would like me to get a surgery when I'm 30 that might prevent me from ever having kids. Soooooooo with that said, My wonderful, amazing, spectacular husband, Jeff is going under the knife to get a reversal.. I am so excited!!! I hope all works out. Our plan is to be pregnant by November.. I will keep everyone posted.


kellie said...

OKay, first of all, I had no idea that you were diagnosed with cervical cancer. That must have been tough. That is great that you have been cancer free for three months.

I am glad it is all going so well. Good Luck with getting pregnant. Hannah will be a cute big sister.

Loni's World said...

Glad to hear about the cancer-free!
Good luck and have fun getting ready for a new baby.

Hollie said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know you even had that. I'll keep posted for the exciting news!!!!

kellie said...

sorry, I meant cancer free for a year.

The Anderson Family said...

I"m so excited for you guys!! I can't wait to hear GREAT NEWS!! Love you guys!!

Bridget said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I'll be praying for you. Want us to watch Hannah so you can have some "date nights" hee hee;)