Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Love

Work as if it was your first day
Forgive as soon as possible
Love without boundaries
Laugh without control and
Never stop smiling

I read these words years ago and have lived by them every day of my life. Life is to short. I have gone through tough times in my life due to choices I have made, but I have become a very strong person and have learned from every mistake I have made. I forgive myself and love who I have become.
I love my family, I love the time I have with my family, I love my husband who is my best friend and the love of my life, I love my daughter who is my heart, I love my house, I love my garden with all my pretty flowers blooming, I love my friends, I love my in-laws, I love to laugh, I love to feel loved, I love every moment of my life. I love the fact that love has no conditions. Love doesn't judge. It is so simple.


Medication Might Help..... said...

Such a simple way to change your life huh? glad to see that you are feeling better, the "woe is me" post was so unlike you. take care

Loni's World said...

:) Glad you can see all the love in your world. Hope things are going well.